Sending Demos = Don’t Do This!!!

Dear Musicians,

Below you’ll find an email, presented without [much] editing, from one of your colleagues.  PLEASE DON’T EVER DO THIS! Unfortunately, this email is a great example of many I get daily.  I have not singled this group out for any reason other than they are one of many examples.  Worse than this email, are the constant tweets I get that attempt to get my interest in 140 characters!

Guys!  Read the email.  I have no idea what to do with it!  It never tells me what they want from me.  I do a lot of things: from production to management.  They haven’t asked me for anything.  You’ve got to send a question!  That question directs my understanding of what you need, or hope for from me as an industry professional.  Do you want me to produce your album?  Do you want me to manage your career?

Even more importantly, the lack of question shows me that you haven’t taken the time to learn what I do.  I am not a label.  I don’t do booking.  I don’t do windows (literally or the OS).  Why would I engage with anyone who doesn’t know what they need and hasn’t figured out that I am the guy to help them with it?

As it stands, emails and tweets like this simple say to me “Hey, we exist.”  To which I reply, “Yup.”


Good Day,

This email is in reference to submission for Blue-Shakespeare’s new Single “Ecstasy”
About Blue-Shakespeare
Rap and hip hop lovers looking for an artist who brings out the true essence of the genre should look no further than breakthrough artist Blue-Shakespeare, who mixes lyrical genius, a lot of old school style and a dash of new school together to create a thrilling style that has local critics buzzing.   Born on the island of Haiti in 1985, Blue-Shakespeare grew up in Spring Valley, NY with an innate love of words as an art form. Beginning with poetry, he soon graduated to writing his own rap songs at the tender age of five years. Blue-Shakespeare lists Jay-Z as his main influence, with Nas, KRS-1, Rakim, Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. as close contenders.   Blue-Shakespeare hit the scene with his debut album, called Pre-Cum: The Mixtape, a 19-track album in 2012. Just two years later, Blue-Shakespeare is set to reveal the fruits of two years in the studio, releasing the Poetic Justice EP in Summer 2014, with the Fertile mixtape to follow in Fall 2014.   Blue-Shakespeare has already released four singles; Millions and Aroma from Poetic Justice EP, with Last Supper and Feel My Pain from Fertile Mixtapes. Check out Blue-Shakespeare’s music on SoundCloud and YouTube today and discover what the fuss is about!
Elansio Cesaire is better known as rapper Blue-Shakespeare, who has been performing since the age of 21 in NY clubs and venues. He is well regarded for his ability to tap into the lyricism of the 1990s, delivering powerful stories with witty punchlines to listeners. For more information, please visit his website.



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