Thoughts on Thanks Giving

Dear Friends,

A friend of mine recently sent me an email that got me to thinking. Aside from that being dangerous, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on this season with you.

First, I hope that you are well. And you family and all those who are dear to you. Health and well being are the most important.

Thanksgiving and the ensuing holidays are important times; often overlooked by the gluttony and commercialism superimposed. Someone on Facebook posted that only in America (which surely isn’t true) would people beat each other up while shopping just the day after the holiday about being thankful for all you’ve got. Nonetheless, I think it bears stopping to think about all we do have and should not take from granted. I’ll start…

I’m grateful for my adoring, gorgeous, supportive wife – my other half, to be sure. I’m truly blessed by my astounding daughter who teaches me daily and keeps me on my toes. My entire extended family is well, happy, and relatively sane.

I have the world’s most rewarding career. Perhaps not financially, but very few get to spend their time making music or art, and I am cognizant of this blessing as I walking into my amazing studio every day. I am grateful for the wonderful artists and staff with whom I get to work.

This past year I’ve built a new house, as you may know. It has been a wonderful, if periodically frustrating, experience. I am continually reminded how lucky I am to have had this experience, and now live in such a uniquely personal space. Housing, next to family and health, is a blessing with which not to be trifled!

I’m very grateful for the country I live in. We’ve certainly had a contentious last few months, and while I know that many of you share my point of view, others do not, and I’m glad we can disagree peacefully. I’m hopeful that this country can heal its divides, prioritize its people, and rise to it’s birthright as an example to all nations. Only then can we help bring peace to the rest of the world.

In thinking about T-day and the spirit of being thankful, I think it keeps us humble, creative, and caring. Please take a little time to share your own thoughts on Thanksgiving.




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