Jimmy Jam wants you to Give Fans the Credit – Good Idea


Dear Friend:

As a fellow music lover, you probably like to know everything about your favorite songs.  I’ve always been inspired by the people behind the scenes: songwriters, musicians, producers and engineers.  The credits in liner notes are how I first learned about who made my favorite music, so you could say I became a producer because of credits.

Today, I love the portability and accessibility of my digital music players.  But digital players don’t show the credits — and music fans like you and me are missing out.

That’s why I’ve become an Ambassador for “Give Fans the Credit,” a new campaign by the people at The Recording Academy to put more information in the hands of the fans.  You can help by joining with me and adding your voice to the campaign.

Sign the petition today at http://www.givefansthecredit.com, share it with your friends, and help us tell the music services that true fans want to know who created the music we love.


Jimmy Jam

Our mailing address is:

The Recording Academy

3030 Olympic Blvd.

Santa Monica, CA 90404

Manage your e-mail preferences by clicking here.

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2 responses to “Jimmy Jam wants you to Give Fans the Credit – Good Idea

  1. Hope u don’t mind me reblogging this. Music is a huge part of my life/family and as a songwriter this is very important to me as well.

    • No, please spread the word! It’s well time that fans understand that we work for our living! Credits are an important part of giving them the information they want and convincing them we’re worth supporting.

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