Facebook For Musicians: A Definitive Guide | DIY Musician

[This post by Bryan Kim (@freshbreakfast), Biz Dev master at Tracksby, originally appeared on his blog Trackswell. Thanks to Bryan for letting us re-post it here.]

Facebook is the largest marketing channel for most musicians and bands.  Surprisingly, it’s also the one they know the least about.  So in this guide, we’re going to breakdown why Facebook is important, how it works, and most importantly, the specific steps you can take to make Facebook work for you and your fans.

Artists, you can’t be blamed.  Many of you developed your social networking habits on Myspace, Twitter or YouTube.  These platforms are (or were) a lot more straightforward than Facebook.  In most cases you post it, forget it, then maybe check the #s later.  Not only do these inattentive social media habits fail on Facebook, they can actually hurt you in a very quantitative way.

Furthermore, Facebook largely ignored music for most of its existence.  By the time Facebook introduced musician/band pages and artists started amassing an audience there, musicians got dropped into an unfamiliar, fully-formed social networking culture – without any sort of learning curve, burdened with the behavioral baggages of outdated social networks.

But Facebook is really not that hard.  And if done right, you have a lot to gain.  By numbers alone, there are more people that regularly sign into Facebook than Twitter + Myspace + YouTube combined.  So it’s really important now more than ever to optimize your Facebook presence.

via Facebook For Musicians: A Definitive Guide | DIY Musician.


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