A new app lets you send pictures via sound – Computerworld

A little birdy told me that a new app called Chirp could revolutionize how we all communicate By Mike ElganJuly 28, 2012 07:00 AM

Its not often that a jaded veteran like me falls in love with an app. But it happened this week with a new app called Chirp. Its based on one of those rare technologies like HTTP or XML that at first seems trifling, but ends up changing everything.

To oversimplify, Chirp uses sound to transmit words, pictures and URLs from one phone to another.Its called Chirp, because its data transmission sounds like a robotic bird.

First, Ill tell you how Chirp works. Then Ill tell you why I think this bird has wings and could change how we all share data.

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Sure it’s from an ad, but it’s a good point! Thanks DiscMakers

Your Facebook page is not a website
We all love Facebook – it’s an essential tool for self-promotion. But, it’s best used in conjunction with a real, hosted website. If you’re relying soley on a social networks (like Facebook) for all your fan interactions, you’re missing out on these essential benefits which only a dedicated site can offer:

Design Control
You don’t have a say in how Facebook looks and works, and as we’ve seen recently, they can make sweeping changes to your profile which you can’t do a thing about. With your very own website, you can create and control a web presence that looks as good as your music sounds.

Fan Relationships
When you have your own website, you own the relationship with your fans. When they sign up to your newsletter or buy your music, you are the steward of important fan info like email addresses and phone numbers. This way you can always stay in touch with your fans – even if everybody abandons Facebook for the next cool thing.

User Experience
Most social networks give you a one-page profile on a site full of millions of distractions. In fact, studies have shown that your fans may only actually see 15% of the updates you post on social networks. Facebook wants users to click on ads for smartphones, laptops and blow dryers. What do you want your fans to do? On your website, you call the shots.

Your Own Dot Com
Building a website is like building a home on the web ? you even get to pick your own domain name (yourband.com)! This is where you send your Facebook fans when you want to interact with them on your own terms. You can collect email addresses, nurture relationships through blog posts, and sell your merch right from your site.

Why not build a professional website with HostBaby? Try it free for 30 days. No obligations. No cancellation fees. Build a stunning site where you have complete control.

7 Effective Strategies To Get Your Music Noticed | Disc Makers’ Echoes – Insight for Independent Artists

7 Effective Strategies To Get Your Music Noticed


In some music business schools, they still give students assignments that go like this: “Assume that you have one million dollars. Make up a marketing plan on how to promote a band.” Here’s a realistic assignment: “Go to MySpace. Pick a band. You have zero dollars. Now go promote them.”

Although most bands would like to have the kind of budget to promote their latest album on TV, radio, and billboards, they are more likely to have just enough to print up posters for the next gig. And yet indies can get the kind of attention that major label acts get. You just need to plan appropriately and implement a few tried-and-true strategies.

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Wait! Don’t post that music video on YouTube without a sync license! | Disc Makers’ Echoes – Insight for Independent Artists

Wait! Don’t post that music video on YouTube without a sync license!


Musicians getting in trouble with the law – well, that’s nothing new. What’s a good music resume without a couple of arrest reports to fill out the career dips? But what about that YouTube “take down” notice you just received for the video you posted of your band covering “Freebird?” You got a mechanical license to release the song on your CD (right?), and the video turned out awesome, so you owe it to the world to post it online. But did you get a sync license for your online videos of cover songs?

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13 Ways to Not Build a Fan Base – FanBridge Blog

13 Ways to Not Build a Fan Base

Posted by Corey

What question does Team FB hear the most?

How do I build a fan base?

We see entertainers doing all sorts of crazy things to get more fans. The frustrating part is that there are so many misconceptions about building a fan base – so we’ve put together a list of 13 ways to NOT build a fan base. Need us to simplify? Stop doing these things!

DON’T #1 – Rarely send emails, and send them inconsistently, too.

Get caught up in the fear of not bothering your fan base and you could end up at the other end of the spectrum – never sending emails. Remember:  fans joined your list because they wanted to hear from you.

What you should do:  Send frequent and consistent emails to maintain engagement with your fan base.

DON’T #2 – Target broadly.

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Moving Past Kickstarter: Equity Crowdfunding & The JOBS Act – hypebot

Guest Post by Jack Kelly, CEO of Adva Mobile, a mobile marketing and technology firm for Artists, successfully crowdfunded via IndieGoGo.

Crowdfunding is this decade’s new tool for helping Artists raise money to reach their goals – and it just got better. Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, RocketHub, and other Crowdfunding service companies are being used successfully by Artists to raise money for projects, but the average Kickstarter campaign raises about $4,500. (Hey, we can’t all be Amanda Palmer and raise $1M+) For the Artist with more serious aspirations – and a need for more serious funds – the new JOBS Act signed by the President has a provision that can help.

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Judge Blasts Universal in Eminem Ruling | Indie-Music.com

Universal Music has just been handed an epic smackdown by the California judge presiding over a battle with producers of many hit Eminem recordings. In a decision that is sure to have tongues wagging throughout the music industry, the judge suggests that Universal has been “bamboozling” and attempting to “dupe” him into overlooking an issue that could mean substantial money for the plaintiffs in the case and perhaps musicians throughout the country. Many observers have been closely watching this lawsuit brought by FBT Productions against Universal Music for many years. The case involves whether record labels must account for digital music downloads as “licenses” instead of “sales” – a significant difference when it comes to sharing revenue with song artists. This is the case cited byother musicians bringing similar claims.

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