Review: Chandler LTD Little Devil EQ

You can hear sound clips of this and other reviewed pieces of gear here:

 The Little Devil EQ was Chandler Limited’s first step into the world of 500 series EQ modules. Priced at just over $1,200 retail, the Little Devil wears a a fiery red coat that lives up to its name. Looks aside, the unit delivers amazing flexibility and a very strong tonality that really adds great sound to most signal chains.
Chandler Little Devil EQ Front

Chandler Little Devil EQ Front

The knobs on the Little Devil are very well mounted and detented for easy recall. They don’t move past where they are supposed to or wiggle about. There are six knobs total; Bass, low mid frequency, low mid level, high mid frequency, high mid level, and treble. Both low and high mid knobs have a selectable bandwidth, and the unit has a two button, three-mode high pass filter, cutting frequencies at 47Hz, 82 Hz, or 150 Hz (with both buttons pressed).

The performance of the module is very satisfying. With all controls set to zero, flipping the bypass to ‘on’ alone introduces a slight volume boost and tonal coloration. Just the signal path of the device makes the signal sound bigger. The tone of the coloration is very upfront and modern, unlike gear aimed at a more “vintage” sound. I believe the reason for this is that the Little Devil EQ is not trying to be a clone of any other piece of gear. [Actually it’s based on the British inductor EQ designs like the Neve 1081, but with Wade Goeke’s modern interpretation.  – JT]  Like it or not, it brings a sound unique to itself.

Chandler Little Devil EQ Side

Chandler Little Devil EQ Side

Very usable on real or harsher instruments, the Little Devil EQ does everything its supposed to and brings a little bit extra. The verdict: I have found this to be a wonderful and reliable piece of gear. Sonically, nothing sounds quite like a Little Devil EQ.


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