Shit Jordan Says!

Jordan’s Advice

Jordan Tishler’s Words of Reason (a/k/a Shit Jordan Says)

It’s incredible the number of useful things Jordan says every day, so we decided to document the most useful advice Jordan has for life and for music.


First, do not be afraid to ask questions. “The only stupid question is the one not asked.  Okay, and maybe ‘can I ask you a question?’”

People always ask, “What gear should I buy?” Jordan’s simple answer will always be, “never spend your money on something because you can afford it.  Save your shekels until you can buy the best.  You’ll never regret that.  Bad gear will only make you life harder and have no resale value.”

“A product that does one thing really well will always be a better than something complicated that tries to do everything. Get the thing that gets you THAT sound with minimal fuss.  One trick ponies are great, when you want that trick!  API, Neve, SSL are great examples.”

“Software will never be an investment. Its financial value is nil as soon as there’s a new version! Only buy software that’ll immediately be useful for making money.”

Backing up and Archiving

I cannot stress enough how important it is to back up your music. Jordan is always reminding us to Back-up as well as Archive. It is important to understand the difference between the two. Backing up is using applications such as Time Machine to continually copy what is currently on your computer. This is useful if your computer dies, then you have your files back.  Archiving is keeping copies of your files when they are no longer on your computer!  Think of it as long term storage.

Jordan also says, “Data doesn’t really exist until it’s stored in three places.  Drives are cheap.  Copy your archives.  Drives die on the shelf.  Spin them up each year, and as drives get larger, copy your archives to new drives, but keep the old ones too (unless they die).”


When it comes to mixing, there are a few things that are worth bearing in mind. Jordan suggests that when using an EQ, it is normally better to cut than to boost. So instead of boosting what you like, cut what you don’t like until you start to miss something.

Furthermore, there is no wrong way to mix something. If it sounds good, stick with it. There are also many ways to mix one song. Deciding which to use depends on your tastes and the tastes of the client.

Having said that, there is one fundamental point to remember when starting a mix. A good song, poorly produced will always sound better than a bad song that is well produced. The success and/or failure of a recording is almost entirely dependent on the quality of the song. If the song isn’t there, a good mix will not significantly help.

Finally, one of the most fundamental parts of the music industry is networking. Never underestimate the power of networking. Come to our parties!

Here are a few other of Jordan’s sayings:

– The whole point of life music is for people to get laid. It is your job as the musician to be the social catalyst that will make it easier for people to get laid

– Don’t ever wear your underwear on the outside!

– Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!



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