The Points North: I Saw Across the Sound

The Points North are a band local to my studio in Jamaica Plain (Boston) MA. In fact, I met songwriter/guitarist Chris Alspach when he made a cappuccino for me at City Feed, my local organic market/cafe. Point: you never know who you’re going to meet where, and how they can help your career in music. In any case, we got to talking and he told me about TPN. We’ve been in touch off/on since. Now The Points North are about to release a new album, I Saw Across the Sound. When they emailed me an advanced copy, naturally I wanted to hear it.

The Points North are an acoustic trio comprised of Christopher Alspach (Lead vocals, octave mandolin, nylon string guitar), Regina Peterson (Irish and silver flutes, reed organ, vocals), Dylan Clark (Drums, vocals) on GrindingTapes Records. They describe themselves as “play[ing] minimalist folk that can best be described as a soundtrack to the harsh yet strangely nostalgic New England winter” and I think that sums it up as best I’ve heard any band do.

I Saw Across the Sound contains 12 tracks, which you know I think is a few too many. They are, nonetheless, haunting and beautiful; evoking a quiet passion that you have to listen to hear. Too often music like this is intended to be background to daily life, to be “ambient”. This music is “old school” like Dark Side of the Moon, demands to be the sole focus of your attention, or you’ll miss the whole thing. Chris’ lyrics make you search your soul for that quiet place where your real truths live, if only you’d look there.

Go, now, get your headphones, set aside an hour to do nothing but listen.