Joel Tenenbaum: Jury Awards $675,000 In Boston Music Downloading Case

Joel Tenenbaum: Jury Awards $675,000 In Boston Music Downloading Case.

So, Joel Tenenbaum, whose parent’s obviously should have raised him better, thinks it’s OK to repeatedly steal work from hardworking musicians, engineers, and producers. But it’s OK, because really it’s only the stinking labels that are getting hurt, right? No, we’re all being hurt by loss of sales and the de facto devaluation of our hard work. More importantly, and insidiously, the longer this rampant stealing goes on, the more young people see no problem with the situation. Of course, they’ve never had to work…yet.

The really scary part of this article is not just Mr. Tenenbaum’s flagrant attitude, but the comments that follow the article. There are very few level-headed responses. See the gum-ball analogy poster for one. Most, however, just rave about how unfair the RIAA is, and how it’s all just a power play by “The Man”. While it is true that the RIAA doesn’t directly represent me or my clients, and that the practices of the Major Labels have been despicable at times, let’s face it: the RIAA is the only organization with deep enough pockets to do something, anything about piracy. Since piracy affects my industry, and my clients, I’m actually rather grateful to the RIAA for taking abusers to task.