NYT: Isle of Man Plans Unlimited Music Downloads

I’m not sure it this is a good idea. However, it is a novel approach to a serious problem, and this community seems like it’ll be a great test bed to see if it works. There’s a wise caveat part way through from Mr. Nash at Warner, that we wouldn’t want to actually lose revenue in favor of sales with any new model. It sounds like the majors are doing some interesting nee good thinking. Hope there’s a solution soon 🙂

NYT: Isle of Man Plans Unlimited Music Downloads

WSJ Editorial on IP Theft and Who Is Behind It All.

Finally someone who says what needs to be said about stealing IP. It’s suddenly dawning on everyone that the music industry is not all that’s at stake. The whole house of cards is shaking at its foundation. Especially in the United States, a country founded on ideas, and whose economy, such as it may be, is moving from the tangible to the intangible, IP is all there is!


JT’s Picks: The Radio Knights — Happen

The Radio Knights and singer Matt Dahan send their latest EP “Happen”. These are local boys from the south shore of Boston, and they recorded and produced this effort themselves (I assume at home, though they didn’t indicate). This record sounds good. Well recorded and well mixed; nice guitars, good harmonies. Good job! You get extra points for making an EP up front. After listening to your stuff on disc and on myspace, I’m wondering why the myspace mp3 actually sound better than the disc? Remastered maybe?

Occasionally the drums could use some work, occasionally the lead vocals could be stronger. However, my lingering qualms stem from confusion over who these guys are (as a band). They called themselves “power-pop” on their entry form. The EP cover has dark colors (blacks and browns) with yellow images of the band, the city, and other hard to identify stuff; the band is also hard to discern but the one visible guy looks like a Wolverine wannabe. So I’m already confused. The cover, and even their name, suggests 70s scag rockers, the form makes me anticipate bubble-gum, huh? The music is straight up pop-rock; a bit too smooth for me; makes me think of The Gin Blossoms or 3 Doors Down. Of course, the piano evokes Billy Joel who they mention as an influence. Again, it’s really well executed – it’s a great listen – just a bit background-y for me. A lot of “I really love you” songs and “we’ve gotta get outa here” songs. Is there any need for those after Bruce? These guys are really talented, now let’s push the envelope a bit, shall we?

Check them out yourselves at myspace.com/theradioknights. (BTW, every band should have their own website, not just a myspace page).

JT’s Picks: Katrin — Soul Wide Open

Soul Wide Open is the 2009 release from Katrin (aka Katrin Roush of Weston MA) who bills herself as a pop/folk act. The CD is a pleasure! Not only is it an eye pleasing eco-pack, sent with the appropriate supporting document properly completed, it’s a great sounding musical experience. Katrin writes driving, moving acoustic oriented material, and the album is recorded immaculately. The arrangements are both straightforward and powerful. This one is a keeper!

I would take slight exception to her genre self-assessment. This is AAA material, bringing elements of pop vocals, acoustic rock arrangements, and strong overtones of country. Steppin’ Stones channels Faith Hill; Your Song evokes Bonnie Raitt; interestingly Pieces of Me hints at Destiny’s Child. Perhaps the closest overall comparison is Sheryl Crow. Not bad company! Do check out her disc at www.katrinrocks.com