The joy of producing

There are moments when you really remember why you do this shit. Of course, there’s a lot of BS in this business, probably in any business. But, when it all comes together, it’s something! I mean, it doesn’t even have to be a big thing. In fact, maybe even better when it’s not.

Yesterday, I went to the rehearsal space of one my my bands, The Motion Sick. We’re working on their upcoming EP for Naked Ear Records. Many of their songs I’ve heard them play at shows, but two in particular were new to me, and largely to them as well. They are good songs, but each needed to be solidified. I sat in that tiny room (thank god for ear plugs – and not the foamies either) for at least an hour while they played, saying nothing. Then, with a few suggestions and supportive comments to the drummer and lead guitar player, the songs were transformed.

I rarely dictate. I think it is a sign of insecurity in a producer. It’s the client’s music and they hire you to help them maximize it. I have very definite opinions, and I offer them. But, in the end, it’s best when they try my ideas, and see for themselves that they really bolster what they were already doing (or trying to do).

Yesterday’s rehearsal was like that. Just a few careful remarks, and it all fell into place. They guys knew it too. It just felt right. I was beaming ear to ear! I love this job.


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